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In this package you will enjoy stay in hotels like Amarvilas, Udaivilas, Rajvilas and Oberoi Delhi.


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The small and beautiful town of Pushkar is set in a valley just about 14 km off Ajmer in the north Indian state of Rajasthan. Surrounded by hills on...


India Tours

Yoga & Meditation Tour

India is considered as the country of peaceful living providing yoga and meditation as a good way of life. Meditation and yoga are attainment of spirituality and if you want to experience truly blissful then plan India yoga and meditation tour. Go beyond your common vacation idea you have experienced so far and plan yoga and meditation tours in India for spiritual and heavenly experience. In the midst of the stress of the daily life our mind desire for serenity. Often it is temporarily attained by few easy exercises or walking on seashore. Take a break from your hectic life schedule and be ready to enjoy soothing activities in yoga and meditation tours of India. 

Unwind yourself, rejuvenate your mind, channelize your body system and keep your soul fit by practicing yoga and meditation. Yoga is the complete coordination of body, mind and soul and it provides the harmony of soul and melody in mind. Travel Around India is offering one special Yoga and meditation along ganges tour. Relax in the most popular place Rishikesh for yoga and meditation. 

Wild Life Tour

Explore the huge forests and wild jungles of India in India Wildlife Tours. Experience the thrill and excitement of seeing a royal tiger prowling or resting in jungle. Elephants and rhinos flattening their way from tall grass of Wild life Sanctuaries. India is the home of world-known National Parks and Wild life Sanctuaries where you can see different species of wild animals. Plan amazing Wildlife tours in India and spot wild and huge creatures in their natural habitat. Few rare species of birds are available in Bird Sanctuaries of India. Meet Sloth bear face to face or come across wild hyena while enjoying wildlife tours of India.

Fulfill your desire of wildlife photography in stunning forests of India and capture the rare moments of thrilling animals.  India wildlife tours offer unforgettable adventure and nature tours with a blend of natural wonders and beauty. Book popular wildlife tours such as Wildlife tours of Assam and Wildlife tours of West Bengal with Travel Around India. 

Trekking Tours

Trekking is one of the famous adventure sports in India awaiting the trekking enthusiast from all over the world. If you are interested in the unexplored destinations, plan trekking tours in India and discover popular Himalayan Range of mountains. Huge and mesmerizing mountain ranges of India offer enthralling and breathtaking trekking routes. India trekking tours offers limitless opportunities of mountaineering, trekking, river rafting and skiing. Few special places for trekking are Kumaon and Garhwal regions are popular trekking places which attract number of trekkers every year.

Travel Around India is offering two best trekking packages Trekking in Manali and Trekking in Darjeeling. Trekking enthusiast can also experience the craggy beauty of the superior mountains and gleaming waterfalls. World’s most wonderful trekking places can be explored in the Trekking tours of India. 

Train Tour Packages

Rail is a preferred mode of transportation for tourists who are willing to travel around the Indian core. India Train Tour Packages are an excellent way to explore the charisma of India in the true soul. Rambling around all the beautiful directions of the country which are connected via train is thrilling activity. Indian train links almost every city, state and village. Be it day or night you can enjoy train tour packages of India anytime to explore the heart of the country. Trailing from picturesque wonders and landscapes including lush farms, mountains, over-bridges, dense jungles and tunnels is really interesting and moment to remember for lifetime.

Some trains in the country are exclusively running for holiday makers such as hill trains and luxury trains. Travel Around India is offering three best train tour packages of India such as Palace on Wheels, Maharaja Express -Royal India, Fairy Queen. These train journey offer great hospitality, modern amenities and convenient journey for tourists. 

Southern Expedition

South India needs no explanation this is perhaps the most ancient land which still presents the true values of native India. South India tours are all about the great and mesmerizing experience. Discover the old tradition, rich culture, amazing natural wonders in South India. South India tours are also considered as the journey to your soul.  Explore greatness of this city in abundant greenery, the mammoth temples and great resorts situated in the hilly areas. Ayurveda treatments are the main specialty and world-famous massages are popular to cure various problems and soothe nerves.

In South India tours you can see instinct impressions left by the ancient rulers on its culture, art and architecture. South tours of India include Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka. Travel around India offer best south India tours in which you can visit popular temples, backwaters, beaches and other amazing wonders. 
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